Care Workers in the Health Sector

May 26th 26th 2021 7:00 pm
The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed vulnerabilities of workers in health and social care that preexisted the health crisis: mobile workers are more at risk of exploitation, less likely to be well represented by trade unions and national authorities, and have many specific needs when it comes to information, to social protection and access to health services, to secure housing and the possibility of crossing borders to care for their families.
Now in times of the Covid-19 pandemic it is time to move on from precarious Europe: the Social Pillar must ensure fair, decent and safe worker mobility in the EU. The EU Social Summit in Porto will be an important occasion for the European Union to commit to building a Europe in which no one falls between the gaps, and show that it has learnt from a decade of crisis that indecent, insecure and underpaid work creates vulnerabilities for the whole society.
European Alternatives and Another Europe Is Possible gather together migrant workers, workers’ collectives, trade unions and NGOs fighting for the rights of migrant workers from inside and outside the EU. Together we not only want to articulate problems and demands, but also formulate policy recommendations to strengthen the rights of migrant workers.
“Workers Without Borders” is a research and advocacy project of European Alternatives, investigating the labour struggles of migrant workers inside and outside the EU and seeking direct contact between workers’ collectives, trade unions and workers on the one hand, and authorities, governments, the EU Commission and policy makers at the European level on the other.
This event is organised as part of Assemblies of Solidarity.
With the support of the European Union and EPIM
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