Europe from Below: Peace, Democracy and Rule of Law

Nov 11th 2022 11:00 am


Florence, 11 November 2022, from 11 to 16.30

European University Institute – Villa Salviati – Sala De Gasperi

Via Bolognese 156 – Florence

11.00 – 13.00

Visit to the Historical Archives of the European Union and presentation of publications about Ventotene: Ventotene Manifesto (bilingual edition: Italian, French, Arab and Ukrainian, Ultima spiaggia), L’ABC dell’Europa di Ventotene (Ultima Spiaggia) and Ventotene 80 (EUROM, Jean Monnet House-European Parliament, Spinelli Institute).

13.00 – 14.00

Lunch break at the Villa Salviati canteen

14.00 – 16.30

Workshop: “Europe from below: democracy, rule of law and peace. The participation of citizens to the European integration process”

Event promoted by:

Movimento Europeo in cooperation with Citizens Take Over Europe, Movimento Federalista Europeo, Gioventù Federalista Europea, MEDEL (Magistrats européens pour la démocratie et les libertés), Natura Comune, Eumans, Union of European Federalists, JEF Europe.

The event is part of the Florence 2002 – European Social Forum:

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