CTOE updates

The Conference on the Future of Europe has ended, but the hard work has only just begun. A significant number of the 49 Conference proposals require treaty change to be fully implemented and in order to do justice to these proposals, the European Parliament is currently preparing an official proposal for amendment of the treaties, calling for a Convention to be convened. We outline four key ingredients for a successful EU Convention. 
The second birthday of our coalition Citizens Take Over Europe is approaching. And we will celebrate it on the 7th of May in Strasbourg during the Strasbourg Summit organized by the Federalists movements. During our debate “Convention for a people-powered Europe: The future of democratic participation” we will discuss the need for a European Convention and how the Conference on the Future of Europe can become the kick-off for the democratization of the EU.
In order to ensure that the EU institutions walk the talk, it is essential that all possible instruments are used in order to follow up on the outcomes of the Conference on the Future of Europe. With this letter, we call on you to take the lead in your respective institutions to launch a Convention, and to do so in the most inclusive and participatory manner possible.