CTOE updates

In order to ensure that the EU institutions walk the talk, it is essential that all possible instruments are used in order to follow up on the outcomes of the Conference on the Future of Europe. With this letter, we call on you to take the lead in your respective institutions to launch a Convention, and to do so in the most inclusive and participatory manner possible.
The Conference on the Future of Europe is at a crossroads. The decisive question is: will the Conference Plenary be able and willing to take charge of this Conference, develop a parliament-like dynamic and include perspectives previously excluded, or will it remain an exclusionary political talking shop and risk enabling the extreme right? Write Daniela Vancic and Maarten de Groot
We came together in Strasbourg while the Plenary is kicking off to reclaim our space as citizens & residents in the debate about the future of Europe! We call on to the executive board to develop a strategy of inclusion in relation to the #Conference to ensure that marginalised communities are adequately represented and involved in the Conference.
EU SIGN DAY is a self-organised initiative climaxing on the 9th of May 2021 that aims to inform as many European Citizens as possible about their right to shape the future of Europe with one (or more signatures) on the European Citizens Initiative.