Insights into mechanisms of participatory democracy

Oct 28th 2021

1. Insights into mechanisms of participatory democracy – The Citizens Panels of the CoFoE as an example of participatory democracy at EU level
2. The European Citizens Assembly Manifesto developped by Citizens Take Over Europe – A Transnational Citizens’ Assembly to Tackle Global Challenges: The key feature of a Citizens’ Assembly is the direct involvement of citizens, drawn by lot and
gathered to represent the cultural identities and the diversity of society – beyond partisan divisions, particular interests and nationalities – in the decision-making process. The European Citizens’ Assembly (ECA) will complement and strengthen the EU’s representative democracy. It will also be a powerful new participatory pillar to capitalize on the energy emanating from the European civil society.
3. Increasingly used at both municipal and national levels, digital platforms successfully brought together civic mobilization and institutional innovation – as in the cases of Decidim and Consul . Online consultations have proven to be powerful support instruments for agenda-setting and transnational deliberation
4. The ECA will ensure participation of citizens before and after European elections, to a larger extent than the European Citizens Initiative and the right to petition. It will help bridge the gap between the EU and the people, it will contribute to making European citizenship meaningful to everyone and finally, it will shape the European demos

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