Limitations of rights in times of the Covid-19 pandemic

Oct 12th 2021

– Loss of rights by students: loss of right to mobility, access to education conditionned by external factors. The EU should put in place a plan to ensure a continous access to education despite other situations of health pandemics or climate disaters.
– Health: although health is a national matter, EU citizens often seek healthcare aborad in another Member State. The EU was not prepared to address such cases during the pandemic, resulting in people being deprived of appropriate healthcare
– Family protection: some families were spread appart in different Member States without the possibility of regrouping
The covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the risks to the rights of people who move between countries in Europe, whether they be European citizens, or people from outside of the EU. This assembly shared stories of the loss of rights experienced by students, workers, family members and tourists, and to gather recommendations so that coming out of the pandemic the rights of all mobile people are ensured, also through introduction of new rights including health, social and rights at work.

Organised by CTOE