New Beginnings: sustainable ways of living in the EU

Jun 15th 2021

Based on the concept of “New beginnings”, the assemblies in Sweden took place in outdoor spaces. The main results were: 1. Introduce free public transport, more car pools, develop the train network, railway traffic and boat traffic: taxes on air flights can finance subsidies for public transport, European wide theme days can be introduced as part of this, such as a free public transport day. 2. Promote meeting places between people to counter segregation and isolation. All groups in society need help to build communities and get closer to each other. Polarization through social media where images of problems are spread pulls people apart. During the pandemic we have even more realized how dependent we are on each other. – Make it easier for young people to meet, create together. For example, give young people the opportunity to get money / resources without too much bureaucracy. – Facilitate meetings between different generations – Support associations that create meeting places – Develop Erasmus programs for older people as well 3. Educate about democracy – Offer regular education programs on what democracy is – for everyone – Offer education about the rule of law – Raise democracy in different venues and organizations – Inform citizens about what is interesting to them – Lift / support newly started parties – Present a clear definition from the EU of what they mean by democracy – “Advertise” about what the EU does, how it works – Increase communication between citizens and decision-makers so they know how their citizens are doing. Minorities must also be heard

Organised by CTOE