Physical and mental health amongst migration communities

Sep 30th 2021

– At the very beginning of the Corona outbreak, there was a lockdown in Greece. There was
not much shortage of hygiene products in the city center. But unfortunately in the camps the
situation was different. Lack of sanitary products, lack of space for people with a positive test for Corona to stay in quarantine, no access to hospitals and health centers due to the location of the many camps away from the city centre. This had a tremendous effect on the mental health state of people living in camps
– One of the negative effects of corona on the mental health of people was depression, loneliness, fear of losing loved ones and fear of death became very widespread.
– Many people from migrant communities lost their jobs, that are often undeclared work
– in addition to housework, quarantine made living conditions more difficult for women specifically as they bare the majority of childcare; they sometimes had to address additional educational issues such as online education, while not having access to basic IT equipment
– But for people who did not have an AMKA number, the vaccination was not done. But it was announced that temporary AMKA would be issued to
these people
– some people who do not believe in the vaccine, which shows a lack of education and ressources available on the topic

Organised by CTOE