School of Resistance: leave no one behind

Sep 24th 25th 2021
For years now, the situation at the external EU borders has been deteriorating. All means are used to prevent refugees from arriving in Europe, through the failure to provide assistance, through illegal Pushbacks and torture and violence. Those who manage to enter European soil are deprived of all their fundamental rights in inhumane camps or deliberately driven into illegality. But when injustice becomes right, resistance becomes a duty!
On the weekend of the German federal elections the IIPM, the NTGent, the Schauspiel Köln and the School of Political Hope host together with #LeaveNoOneBehind and numerous organizations from all over the world a School of Resistance for a new politics of humanity and justice. A workshop program, three hybrid panels, a solo rally, a concert and the launch of a joint fundraising campaign will enable approaches to the embattled realities of migrating people in Europe
Schauspiel Köln
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