SERPENTINES! – A new future for Europe’s regions

Sep 25th 2023 3:00 pm

Featuring in this Side Event: a horizontally woven texture for the continent: a Europe of Serpentine regions. Join this online meeting to learn firsthand about the concept and first research results exploring a new, decentralised, cross-border and post-national Europe.

The wars on Corona and in Ukraine put fresh pressure on the European constellation. The continent turns into a field lab for rethinking its post- and supranational political architecture. Regions are at the core of this transformation. As the Austrian writer Robert Menasse said: region is home, nation is fiction. We discuss two case studies: the Adriatic Serpentine Puglia-Albania-Montenegro, and the cluster-region Ruhr-Southern Netherlands- Flanders. And possible scenarios for further roll-out in the years to come.


  • Jan Bierhoff, Medialynx
  • Susanna Cafaro, Uni Salento
  • Ulrike Guérot, Eur. Democracy Lab
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