Sustainability and climate change: the role of youth in the EU

Jun 23rd 2021

Sustainability and climate change: the role of youth in the EU

1. Investing in education to support the fight against climate change Invest in education as a lifelong commitment to support sustainable, local and other lifestyle initiatives. The EU should support all MS equally, to include climate change in their educational curriculums. Since education is a MS competence, the EU should invest in an educational package that could be freely used by all MS.

2. Investing in an efficient circular economy as a way to reduce waste and pollution Encourage an effective circular economy, to reduce waste and pollution, by supporting businesses to make products that can be reused; imposing stricter tax-rules on companies, to encourage them to sell more environmentally friendly products and discourage over-consumerism

3. Supporting and collaborating with social movements and the research sector – To support and collaborate with social movements and the research sector, in order to combat climate change. – Use such collaboration to improve communication and educate citizens to be politically active and fight climate change in unity. – Support the EU MS to assist in climate friendly policies and initiatives at a local stage and include the rural areas more in the fight for the climate. – Be more transparent about the priority regarding climate change on the EU agenda.

Organised by CTOE