Sustainability and well-being: show me what your EU looks like

Jun 1st 2021

Event in school, combining awareness-raising about CoFoE + gathering students inputs about the future of Europe. Main recommendations:

1. Migration and peace
– Organize the distibution of migrants between Member States, basing on the criterias of GDP, employment rate and population and impose proportional fines for countries which do not respect their quota and, on the other side, extra bonuses for virtuous cases.
– Invest in local business in third countries to share knowledge and practices and undertake commercial relations with the new economic realities born thanks to these investments.
2. Health and social media
– Invest on free healtcare centres.
– Implement social media campaigns, national tv programmes and compulsory schools projects to normalize mental health issues.
3. Environment
– Ask the European Environmental Agency to create a statue to determine a detailed limit of emissions.
– Increase the use of photovoltaic panels by implementing monetary incentives

Organised by CTOE