What is the conference on the future of Europe and why does it matter?

Dec 9th 9th 2021 4:30 pm

In 1941, while interned on the island of Ventotene, Ernesto Rossi, together with Altiero Spinelli and Eugenio Colorni, wrote the Ventotene Manifesto.

80 years on, Europe once again faces the challenge of how to build a free and united Europe.

Rossi and his co-authors of the manifesto believed that Europe’s future could only be secured through the creation of transnational institutions which would make war between the nations of Europe impossible.

Today the challenge is as much about building a shared democratic culture and identity as it is about building common institutions.

That is why the Conference on the Future of Europe, an unprecedented exercise in citizen engagement across Europe is so important.

This weekend in Florence, a team of expert facliators will hold the final (third) session of one of four European Citizens’ Panels, each with 200 randomly selected citizens from across the EU.

On the eve of this important event, we ask members of the public to join us at an information and discussion evening about the Conference on the Future of Europe and why it matters.

Join us and our expert panel, for what promises to be a lively and informative evening.

Take the opportuity to have your say about what happens next in Europe.


Martin Andler

President, Initiative for Science in Europe

Antonella Braga 

Author, Un federalista giacobino, Ernesto Rossi pioniere degli Stati Uniti d’Europa

Roger Casale (Moderator)

Founder, New Europeans

Valerio Giannellini (Introductory remarks)

Vice-President, Fondazione Rossi Salvemini

Ulrike Liebert (Panelist)

Visiting Fellow, Transnational Democracy Initiative, European University Institute, Fiesole

Alexandrina Najmowicz (via zoom)

Co-chairwoman, CSOs Convention on the Future of Europe

Bent Noerby Bonde

Secretary General, Europe’s People’s Forum

Stefano Sotgiu

Senior Facilitator, Conference on the Future of Europe

In association with the Fondazione Rossi-Salvemini

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