Women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights in Poland

Mar 12th 2022

Gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights in Poland

– Easier access to (emergency) contraception, ie: the morning-after pill is currently absolutely out of reach for Ukrainian refugees, the regular contraceptive medicines – Stronger protection for women, especially against rape, sexual violence and human trafficking at the borders with Ukraine and Belarus

– Access to abortion without needing any justification (of incest or rape), both for EU citizens and EU residents – Supporting transgender folks, especially trasngender women, to escape a war zone

– Easier access to hormonal treatments for transgender refugees – Legal protection for LGBTQ+ refugees: those trying to apply for asylum on the basis of being persecuted in their home country because of being queer are often detained at the border and sent to a guarded facility (i.e. Wędrzyn, which was deemed to not fulfil standards by the Ombudsman)

– Providing queer refugees with psychological care at the border and during the process of applying for asylum – Easier access to HIV treatments for Ukrainian refugees in Poland and in the EU: medicine supplies are running out and other EU member state individuals/organisations cannot send over treatments as it costs a lot when there’s no prescription

Organised by CTOE