Youth in Politics

Jun 23rd 2021

Event in school, combining awareness-raising about CoFoE + gathering students inputs about the future of Europe.
1. Digital safety and fighting cyberbullying
We demand measures against hate speech and cyberbullying on the internet & in social media
-> through education (sensitisation), punishment (sanctions) and clear laws
2. Election programmes must be comprehensible. Thus they must also be available in easy language (facilitate access, break down barriers).
– We need financial transparency for politicians! (e.g. of members of parliament) in order to strengthen trust in politics.
– Insight into decisions and laws at European level! Make politics more traceable
3. We want to enforce acceptance, tolerance and equality regardless of origin, religion, gender and sexuality through laws that apply in every European state.
4. Stronger support and consideration for youth in politics.
– We want more political education for young people!
– By : promoting and supporting young activists who encourage their communities to get involved! (Encouragement&Empowering)
– Politics must be designed in such a way that it is not only framed by & for old people, but also by and for young people.

Organised by CTOE